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Our Project Management team provides a bridge between all of the disparate elements that contribute to a successful project. We strive to link clients with our engineering resources to ensure that we can respond with agility to your needs and changing project conditions.

INS Project Managers maximize our company’s productivity with efficient scheduling of field resources for installs, testing, and MOPs. They streamline material procurement, accounting, redlines, and project sign-offs that can often delay progress.


Our team is comfortable adapting to your organization’s existing systems to keep you well informed of progress, but we can also offer our own mature, internal database for reporting, tracking materials and deadlines, recording expenditures, and providing contact with project resources.

The various divisions within our organization are collaborative, maintain good lines of communication, and are anchored by Project Managers that understand the technical aspects of the work at hand. Our attention to detail means that everyone involved, including our clients, are working with the most up-to-date information available.

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