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INS DC Power services have earned the trust of major Telcos and independents alike. Our DC Power technicians pay strict attention to Telcordia standards and the safety requirements of your company. From Central Office work to remote huts and DLCs, you can be confident in the work of our knowledgeable staff.



We install new power plants and DC fuse panels from quality manufacturers like General Electric, Valere, and Alpha Technologies. In addition, we can hot cut your existing power system to a new one with little to no interruption to all of your in-service equipment. We’ve performed hundreds of these conversions over the last few years.



INS can meet your battery service needs on a per unit basis or as part of a larger initiative of network upgrades/maintenance. We offer new battery installation, and replacement/disposal of aged batteries in Central Offices, remote buildings, and cabinets.

Working in the Warehouse
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