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Communication Tower
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Network Hub and Cable
Wireless Access Point Installation
Digital Cables
Digital Cables

INS is a full service, US-based communications contracting firm specializing in engineering and implementation. For nearly a decade, INS has built its reputation on high integrity values, quality and leadership. We actively work with our clients on an individual basis to provide custom-tailored services to accommodate their business needs. With a quality first attitude, our services constantly reflect a positive image on our clients.

ISP/OSP Engineering

INS provides a multitude of services including aerial and underground construction, horizontal directional drilling, copper and fiber optic splicing, triple play services and premise services that include structured cabling, voice and data networks, phone systems, and access control.


We provide services for numerous communications and utility companies, municipalities, electrical contractors, and universities. We are also a US government contractor. INS is fully insured and bondable.INS has the knowledge, experience and equipment to efficiently build and maintain your entire outside plant and inside premise needs. Through our proven experience and our commitment to quality, our clients are assured of total satisfaction.

About Us

INS connects people. We enable technology by designing, engineering, and building network infrastructure. INS has delivered thousands of miles of fiber, copper and coax engineering, along with backbone and lateral distribution construction and technical services for most of the major service providers, infrastructure companies, and OEM’s. INS is in major buildings, government facilities, large cities, and small towns.

Each day INS is involved in active and ongoing projects throughout the U.S. including fiber-to-the-home design-build programs, architecture planning, network audits, permitting, outside plant and inside plant construction and splicing.

We are a group of communication professionals that wanted to make a positive change in the industry by providing quality services and personal customer care. The growing demand for quality services has grown exponentially and will continue to grow over the next several years, driven by the need for higher bandwidth from the consumer. Large and small ILEC’s are being overburdened with placing new facilities to accommodate this growing demand. INS is positioned to partner with telecommunication company’s in providing these new facilities in a fast and efficient way.

Network Hub and Cable

INS History

Innovative Network Services, LLC. was formed in 2016 with the customer in mind. Even though we are a new company, our history runs deep in the industry. INS has over 50 years combined experience, ranging from the largest of the telecommunication companies to the tiny independent companies.


We have seen the technology change from the old relay systems to the most modern digital systems and we look forward to what the future will bring.

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